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Three keys to more abundant living:

Join our community of volunteers to help bring safe water, improved sanitation and proper hygiene to rural communities.

Our volunteer program welcomes individuals, students, professionals and groups/teams of volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers can volunteer for a minimum of three weeks with any of our community projects or at an organisational level.

  • Researching best practices and working solutions
  • Evaluation of best practices
  • Direct construction of water infrastructure like tanks under the supervision of skilled local constructors.
  • Installation of facilities like hand washing facilities in schools, health centres, households and other public places.
  • Loading and/or Offloading of construction materials at the site of construction together with locals
  • You will be involved in plumbing and piping work for distribution of water where it will be used.
  • Installation of guttering systems from roof catchment areas to rainwater storage facilities.
  • Educating community members, pupils and students in schools about best water, sanitation and hygiene practices.
  • Educating teachers on how to maintain a school-led Approach to proper sanitation and hygiene.
  • Training students/pupils, teachers and communities on water-related diseases and how best to avoid them.
  • Demonstrating to community members, pupils/students and teachers best handwashing practices and installation of low-cost materials.
  • Development of easy-to-understand educational materials for schools and community members on water, sanitation and hygiene management practices in schools and communities.
  • Distribution of water filtration devices among community members and institutions like schools and health centres
  • Training